I am a Ph.D candidate working with Professor Lydia Kavraki in the Kavraki Lab at Rice University, Department of Computer Science. My research focuses on artificial intelligence and robotics, particularly motion planning. I am especially interested in automation and planning for high-dimensional robotic systems, efficient coordination of multi-robot teams, and robust planning under sensory, actuarial, and environmental uncertainty. The intersection of mechanical engineering methods for feedback control and trajectory optimization with modern algorithmic techniques for computing feasible motion plans is also interesting and promising.

I am a NASA NSTRF fellow, affiliated with the Robonaut 2 project at Johnson Space Center. I am also a primary developer for the Open Motion Planning Library, a flexible, open-source software package for sampling-based motion planning of high-dimensional and complex systems.

I am formerly affiliated with the PRACSYS group at the University of Nevada, Reno (now at Rutgers University), headed by Professor Kostas Bekris, where I completed my Master's thesis. My thesis work focused on discrete search algorithms which provide efficient and algorithmically robust path planning for multi-agent systems. An implementation of the Push and Swap algorithm that comprised part of my thesis is freely available for non-profit purposes.